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Burial Services

Life is the Journey...

There are different elements you can choose from when arranging a burial, depending upon your individual needs and preferences:

  • Immediate Burial means that your loved one’s physical remains will be buried or entombed without a public service or gathering
  • Visitation (also called a “viewing,” “wake” or “calling hours”) allows family and friends to gather in a room with the departed loved one (in an open or closed casket) and gives everyone the opportunity to say goodbye and offer their support and sympathy to the bereaved.

  • Funeral or Memorial Services can take place at a funeral home, in a church, or even at your home. The service is a ceremony which serves to celebrate, honor, and remember the life of the deceased. Whether traditional or unique, both the visitation and the funeral service can be personalized to reflect the individuality of your loved one. For more information on personalization, visit our page on Celebrating Life.

  • Graveside, Chapel, or Committal Services are held at the cemetery, and allow family and friends to be present as their loved one is transferred to his or her final disposition through ground burial.

/JohnsonFamily/Graveside.jpgWhen a family chooses burial, the funeral service is traditionally designed to involve three distinct phases: visitation, the funeral, and the burial service. These generally follow the casket from the funeral home through the final burial at a cemetery. While this arrangement works for some families, it’s not the only option available and it might not be the ideal solution for others. We’ll work with you understand your needs and create the perfect plan for you and your loved one.




The packages listed below include a substantial discount from our General Price List. Included in our packages is a cash discount of 3%.

These choices are a few of the many that we have available to your family. Every service we offer can be modified to meet your families' faith, financial and personal needs.

All burial options include the following:

  • Casket
  • Care of your loved one, which may include bathing, dressing, cosmetizing and embalming
  • Transportation from a hospital* to our funeral home and the cemetery
  • Arrangement conference with your family in our Funeral Home, your home or church
  • Obtaining death certificate
  • Notifying Social Security
  • Memorial cards
  • Listing on our Memorial website
  • Thank You Cards
  • Photo Memorial DVD
  • Guest Book

Positive identification of the loved one by a family member is always required. There is no additional fee for this service.



This choice is for families that don’t desire any services. Loved one is transported to local cemetery and no family members are present for burial. This service includes a metal casket.

Loved one is transported to local cemetery and family gathers at the cemetery for a graveside service. This service includes a metal casket.

1 hour of viewing/visitation at our Funeral Home and a graveside service at the cemetery. This service includes a metal casket.

Casket Included (choice of 12)
4 hours of visitation (9 am - noon) and/or funeral service at our Funeral Home or at your church, followed by a funeral procession for a graveside burial the same day.

Casket Included (choice of 12)
6 hours of evening visitation (4 pm - 9 pm) at our Funeral Home or your church. Funeral service the next day followed by a funeral procession for a graveside burial.